Growing Now: Your daily serving of Speciality Braising Mix

20140210-191600.jpgContains: Variety of Mustards , Kale Varieties, Broccoli Varieties, Greens that may have grown past bolting and flowering refixed into a braising mix…note mix may contain this as stated or other similar greens

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Below are snapshots of some Speciality Mix Growing

How do you Enjoy Speciality Braising Mixes?

These are mixes perfect for sautéing, because they typically consist of hardier greens that are no longer young enough for a raw salad mix and or eating raw if you don’t mind.There are varieties mustards, kales, veges that are specially used for salad greens and lightly cooked dishes.

How I enjoy my mix…usually raw added to my fresh salads…sometimes added to blend of juices with other fresh fruit and grains, or even lightly cooked with some portabella mushrooms like this:

  1. In slightly heated olive oil, about a tablespoon, stir in the greens,a bout 4 handfulls, and mushrooms to evenly coat them with the oil
  2. When the greens are just wilted, add clove grated garlic, dash salt and Pinch of red pepper flakes and ground peppercorn
  3. Enjoy as a snack or side with a meal

This article was written for AquaFoodsFishGreens, it is the first in a series of articles being used to promote the Growing Now: Your daily Serving of….program which showcases what is growing now and available.

Continue following this our fun series of “Growing Now: Your daily Serving of….” …share your recipes, tips and tricks for eating and staying healthy.


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