Growing now: Your Daily Serving of Wheatgrass for Wheatgrass Shots (100)

Note that Wheatgrass Shots Growing Cycle: 2 weeks from setting seeds, approximately 3 weeks from placing your order

For your smoothies, blends, shots and daily dose of heath…We juice them the most beneficial way. Add a touch of chocolate mint or mint ( all grown in the garden) to make your shot a little more palatable.

What does wheat grass taste like? A common question I get from first timers. Those taking it already know the deal. Wheatgrass isn’t like that great tasting strawberry daiquiri or your favourite dessert…Nope, lol it’s healthy tasting… It is tastes very green over time with an aquired taste it sweet and full. Can you picture that? can you taste green goodness? It takes getting used to but with some creativity it can taste great.

A simple thing like the addition of some lemon, makes it alot more palatable. We juice press rough skin lemon and package similarly. In this way it is easily added. Other greens can be blended in. Common favourites, spinach, kale, mint, lettuce leaves. In addition to these making almond milk and adding a date (Daddys’ tip) and some vanilla extract are popular.

Links we love:

The Wheatgrass story



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