And meanwhile….Aquafoodsgreens


Dear FaceBook….

Our number one fan…this post is because you have been inquiring…you are the only one out of all the lovely friends and family and others who have subscribed to follow the aquafoodsgreens blog, supporting fb page and twitter feeds you are the only one, apart from my very special Mixed Greens customers, who has inquired regularly, continuously and wo fail about…AQUAFOODSGREENS…

When you asked again yesterday, I decided to update

you, apparently it has been far to long. I am sorry that I have not responded sooner but there have been serious trials, system leaks, learnings and of course the fulfillment and advancements etc… you would know being my number one fan and all, that the system is very small and serves to allows for the trials and learning in preparation for the bigger picture, while I hope not to disappoint you much the system suffered a minor construction failure and that had to be fixed, there were no loss to the fishes but most of the greens…

Someone consoled me and told me: it is said that if you have not killed a certain number of fish and plants in this you are not getting any where so I am happy to report that I am well on my way…somewhere

I have been maintaining the system logs on the blog, you may not have seen these because they are password protected…it is view-able to contributing members, mentors and the aquafoodsgreen team…just a message away for fans…

As an update a new crop cycle has been planted as of Nov 1. So once all goes well salad greens would be available in 6 weeks. Mustards have been growing well and so to would be available. Mint never disappointing. And the basil is coming along well also. The grey area is with the new trails, these have also began during the same week of November 1, there are 100 seedlings set of which are being monitored through to harvest. And lastly because I have been very thankful on this journey and life in general I have embarked on a Grow Food| Give Food Drive.

Now it’s just over a year since we made the difficult decision to shifts focus, because mother nature would allow no other way. I was determined to continue with the intended Hatchery, today however it does not have all the equipment or infrastructure that is needed so we manage and get by, planning for funding and proper infrastructure. So the space is now what I call the farm…it’s small, it’s manageable and it’s a platform. What’s next! Seeing assistance…seeing help!?!!! Never afraid to ask…labour and sales assistance are needed…(look out for the next post on What’s next)

Normally when persons contact me on fb I can reply and correspond but I was not so lucky to find a way to respond to your inquiry on there. I have found you on twitter so will tweet you with this note just hoping to ensure you receive. Hope this is a suitable enough update for you and thanks for your interest….lols and btw if anyone else was wondering.

Lol…just a little humor from me to you.


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