What is up at AquaFoodsGreens, Trinidad and Tobago | December 2013


Hi Hi FoodiesGreenies;

Here is your monthly update as we share What’s up at the Green Bistro & Boutique Farm over the last month and what’s in store.


Ever so often we attempt a new crop…this month is a little different, we are doing two. Ending the year with a bang we introducing you to two treats…Two new Crops. Edible Flowers (a couple varieties) and sprouts (surprise varieties). Stay tuned for further details on our New Trials. Do you have something you want us to try…don’t be shy tell us we can put it in the pipeline…for consideration. If you are interested in conducting a personal trial, you can place an order.


For November 2013 a couple loyal FoodiesGreenies have started the long talked about Monthly Healthy Dose program, where we give our digestive systems a rest and eat lighter, healthier and shot some green goodness, all while being mindful of our health. I joined in too. We had three full days of shots and light clean eating.
So we drink up, our concentrate shots of your favorite greens (chemical and pesticide free) served up: you can shot it| make infused water by adding to your water | add it to your favorite smoothly or juice blend at home.

Starts December 15th

Order Now…
Start You Culinary Garden

The November Healthy Dose consisted of Roughskin Lemon, Wheatgrass, Spinach, Kale Pressed Juices and Pressed Almond Milk with a combination of either chocolate mint leaves, cacao and vanilla. Get in on “December’s healthy dose” where you can choose one of these combo packages. All shots are concentrates and hence can be taken as shots or mixed with water or your own green smoothly or juice blends. Note these packages are by pre-orders only. Orders close December 5th 2013.

Stay tuned each month as we may add a couple newbies to Your Monthly Healthy Dose


To you FoodiesGreenies that have made orders in the last cycle, they are being tended to with love and care: Braising Mix, Mustard Greens, Basil, Mint, Salad Gourmet Lettuce Mix. Both aquaponic crops and soil crops are being planted, I just love looking at the growth, riding through the challenges and the progress and obtaining learnings.


Our online shop is growing we have the following lovely items that are available for Ordering Now: Ball Jars and Nut Milk Jars have been added over the last month. Build your Culinary Garden or start a trial will always be available. We are also open to hosting external sellers. Inquire with us.


None at this time.

We aimed to start these “What’s up” posts monthly from Jan 2014…but why not now? Why wait? Ask yourself that when you tell yourself ‘next time’, when you can do that one thing right now…So hopefully this can inspire you to do NOW…


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