Growing now: Your daily serving of Microgreens. Nutritious | Green | Micro

20131230-194622.jpg Note that Microgreens and Microgreen Mixes Growing Cycle: approximately 1-2 weeks from setting seeds. Some times vary, you would be advised accordingly.

Microgreens are the smallest of salad greens and sit just in between their younger sprout counterparts and a full-grown plant/ salad green. Enjoy a continuous supply of microgreens from us whether you are feeding yourself, your family or your diners at your restaurant. These add interesting colours, flavours, textures and added nutritious element that enhance your meals.

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Below are snapshots of some of our mircogreens varieties20131230-194517.jpg


You may know microgreens as the delicate, colorful garnish on your overpriced and undersized meal at an upscale restaurant. Yes, they’re visually appealing but aren’t they pointless decoration?

Some aficionados have claimed superfood status for these tiny edible greens produced from vegetable, herb or other plants.  New science says microgreens aren’t just cuter lettuces – they may be more nutritious.

Researchers from the University of Maryland and the USDA conducted the first analysis of the nutrient levels in microgreens.  They concluded that in general these babies have more vitamins and other nutrients than their fully mature counterparts.

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are the stems and leaves of a seedling.  They usually range in size from one to three inches long. Their flavor can be surprisingly intense for their small size but is generally not as strong as the full grown green or vegetable version. Microgreens are generally harvested between seven and 14 days of germination although some take four to six weeks to develop.

The basic varieties of microgreens include arugula, amaranth, beets, basil, cabbage, celery, chard, cilantro, fennel, kale, mustard, parsley, radish, sorrel and many others.





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