What is up at AquaFoodsGreens, Trinidad and Tobago |Starting Fresh January 2014 and beyond

Hi Hi FoodiesGreenies;

Here is your monthly update as we share What’s up at the Green Bistro & Boutique Farm over the last month and what’s in store.


How best to use us. Put us to work, we love

to plant, tend to and nurture your crops for you. 2014 is our year to be more aware of the food we feed our self. What is 2014 for you? Greens typically do not go a long way. A really well made and healthy salad can use up easily roughly 2.5 – 5oz of greens per person. If you are serious about your nutrient intake, wheatgrass is a nutritious super food and can be used to complement and form part of your balanced and nutritious lifestyle. Additional vegetables are required with meals and are commonplace in lunch and dinners. Do you see how quickly your daily intake of healthy stuff can add up.

Because you asked for a more feasible and continuous way to enjoy our greens and we have listened and this year we are opening up our Greens Packages in a big way. CONTINUOUS is the key word and the most challenging part as we continue to live health conscious lifestyles and eat clean while in the same vein not becoming overly obsessive and going overboard with it as we still indulge from time to time. For now these Green Packages are open to existing customers, where you know your needs, you already have your favourite products and we plant and deliver for you on a weekly basis or as is fit to your needs. Details can be found here. Login is required. For those interested in wholesale orders for resale, your information is available. Inquire here.


Stay tuned for our pop up coupons. We have started pop up coupons that are planned on the day we are setting seeds for orders. If you catch it in time you can benefit for some of our love.

Stay tuned to Twitter Sundays, Instagram Wednesdays and Facebook Fridays. Coupons would be shared on these platforms on these days selectively and randomly and valid only for specified times for your ordering enjoyment.


We are currently seeking to engage the services of professionals to help us with our logo design, product design, brand identity, branding, packaging solutions etc. as we develop our product lines. But until then I have the pleasure of printing my personally created labels, cutting and sticking on each package created…sometimes even leaving penned notes and creative ways in which you can use your purchase…and I am so excited about these new changes and especially glad that you have been bearing with my packaging, branding etc. thus far. So as we enter a new year together…I say thanks for your support and hope our 2014 together is greener and healthier than the last.

We are continuing over this month and in the next with our trials of Edible Flowers (a couple varieties), butter lettuce and heirloom tomatoes. Sprouts (surprise varieties) are doing well and have been to add to our store. For live updates check our instagram feed, look for the hashtag #aquafoodsgreenstrials Press Reset! I ended December 2013 off with a 3 day juice cleanse following a request from a client for some greens to make part of her own 7 day cleanse. We enjoyed it so much that we would be repeating it soon. Press Reset with us. Stay tuned for details.
Start-You-Culinary-Garden (1) AquaFoodsGreens Monitor-your-Crops

Our online shop is growing we have added a few new lovely items this month that are available for Ordering Now. Build your Culinary Garden or start a trial will always be available.



Greens and Lettuces

Paris Island Romaine
Green leaf Lettuce
Gourmet Lettuce Mix
Green Iceberg/ Crispino
Green Romain/COS
Red Romain/COS
Kale (Varieties)
Spinach (Varieties)
Mustards (Varieties)

Micro Greens

(Full of flavour, nutrients and great for garnish)

Micro mix of Mizuna, Cabbage, Kale, Red Russian,
beet…available greens
Micro mix of Red and Green Mustards
Micro mix of Citrus flavoured herbs
Micro Herbs

Braising Mixes

(Full of flavour, nutrients and great for cooked )

Variety of Mustards , Kale Varieties, Broccoli


(planting, mastering growth cycles and times before adding to our shop for you)

Culinary Herbs

Basil (Genovese, Sweet, Fine Leaf)
Edible Flowers (Borage, Nasturtium, edible mixes etc…)



Roots and Bulb Veggies


In the Orchard

(citrus and local fruit, seasonal, when available)


Heirloom Tomato Varieties
Small Fruited Tomato Varieties
Cucumbers (Varieties)
Beans (Varieties)


See what was up last month, here


Chan and the Local Artisan Greens Team


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