Is a live, real time shop…that is open to take your orders in real time for a specific period of time.

HOW does it WORK?

We open the shop on the days that we are planting and at the times that we start planting. It is not open on every planting day but on SELECT planting days. The shop is open for a specific time/ window.

Notifications would be posted on our Social Media Platforms accordingly: Twitter on Sundays, Instagram on Wednesdays and Facebook on Fridays, but only on SELECT days that we are planting and the times that we start, not every single time we plant.

You would receive Coupon Codes in these notifications for your ordering enjoyment.

The coupon is a one time coupon and valid until the shop is closed.

WHO is this perfect FOR?

First time orders, looking to try our products

Returning customers, we want to share some love

Anyone, actually.

Put us to plant. We love to plant hearty, wholesome greens and we know you love eating hearty and wholesome foods.

WHAT do you have to DO?

Stay tuned for our pop up coupons. We have started pop up coupons that are planned on the day we are setting seeds for orders. If you catch it in time you can benefit for some of our love.

Stay tuned to: Twitter Sundays, Instagram Wednesdays and Facebook Fridays. Coupons would be shared on these platforms on these days randomly and valid only for specified times for your ordering enjoyment.

Reminder for wholesale and recurring/ continuous orders. Please contact us for plans, pricing and details.


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