Growing Now | Sprouts; clean green eats and treats

Sprouts are used for eating fresh in salads, sandwiches, or on their own…they are super, super foods and are often found as individual varieties and/ or in mixes. The mixes are known for their attractive colours, textures, and flavours.  At the end of last year we  stocked up on some exciting sprout mixes. Our sprouts are from a source that is certified organic. The mixes when sprouted are beautiful with various shades of green leaves and pink and white stems with a crisp, mildly spicy flavour. Mix normally includes: broccoli, China Rose radish, alfalfa, and Red Russian kale.

Stocked are crunchy and mild, Mung Beans sprouts and nutty, Alfalfa sprouts.

Shop our sprouts here. Our sprouts are available as an add on produce item. Which means they can be purchased as an “Add On” item to any one of these products or swapped out for microgreens in your “Local Artisan Greens Box“.

Sprouting is easy, we use our Mason Jars and improvise with the mesh/ screen needed to get the job done

Redefine your snacking habit. These serve as excellent alternatives for the craving to nibble and snack during the day.

Some of my favoured links, that share some benefits and uses of these sprouts

Mung Bean Sprouts

Alfalfa Sprouts

These are good for the DIY’er ask about our sprout kits (you receive a Mason Jar, Mesh and a package of sprouts) so you can sprout at home and enjoy




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