A Juicing Story | 7 of my favourite things to juice

Ever since I know my self I have enjoyed juicing, shakes, punches, blends. I am even more please lately with the availability of responsibly farmed foods to use in our concoctions.

A Juicing Story

A Juicing Story

For the first time I did a juice cleanse at the end of 2013 and welcomed 2014 with it. It was a challenge but an amazing experience. The awareness post cleanse of what I ate and how I felt was just astounding. As with human nature and life reminders and reinforcements perfectly timed help out with maintaining lifestyles. So this is my juicing story.

Ever since week one of January 2014 when my cleanse ended I have been juicing at least once a week. I either drink during a meal or replace a meal or two with juicing.

Usually my rule of thumb that I adopted from my father; who has ever since been influencer to my healthy eating habits, an avid juicer and nut milk maker, is half fruit; is stick with half veggies and some nuts and you can’t go wrong. Other than that I put more or less what I have on hand.

With the following ingredients you can go wrong…

Freshly Pressed Juices

Freshly Pressed Juices

This batch of produce made approx. 96oz of juice.

3 fairly large Beet: Healthy Benefits of Beet

2 Cucumber : Healthy Benefits of Cucumber

3 fairly large Carrots: Healthy Benefits of Carrots

approx 4 cups Local Artisan Greens include Salad and Greens:  Healthy Benefits of Lettuce Greens, Spinach and Kale

a handful Almonds

a small piece Ginger: Healthy Benefits of Ginger

half a Lime: Health Benefits of Lime

Most of my juicing concoctions are posted up here (Facebook page soon loaded with pics)

Hands down it is best to juice with company. Either with a personal friend(s) our an online community.

Do you juice and why?

Each ingredient is mixed into a happy, tasty juice concoction

Each ingredient is mixed into a happy, tasty juice concoction

The main reason we juice is because of the clean healthy feeling and boost we derive having juice.

Today I am off to stock up on some supplies to make some weekend juices…let me know if you are making any yourself?


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