Gardening breathes creativity

I missed writing notes in this space. A lot has happened. From challenges with ordering seeds and registering a seed import license, to deciding on site upgrade works and forming up on our practices and methods for our safe-farming and sustainable gardening philosophy. We sense lots of changes to come, which as usual we would welcome with open arms. No other way.

Today we harvest some of out herbs and plan to make something fun and usable.

One of the aspects of gardening that we love is the sense creativity, peace and clarity that the activity brings.

We picked these this afternoon.


And then grabbed some mint








Gardening has allowed some extra love for rosemary infused crackers and breads.

Basil and Shadon Beni Pesto.

WIth it on hand I have gained a bigger appreciation for fresh Mint tea

and for just adding fresh herbs while cooking.

We got the perfect inspiration earlier today which led the the harvesting and devising a plan of action for these herbs!


How do you enjoy fresh garden herbs…?


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