Local Artisan Greens in The Kitchen | The Go To Dish

The art of making your go to dish….

At home I have many go to dishes…I can juice an entire meal, eggs I can do, I do braised veges and provisions or quinoa very well and once avocados are available crix, avocado and anything excites me.. okay not many but that’s the list, pretty much.

IMG_1479 IMG_1568 IMG_1596

Ever since we are at a stand still here after starting on our aquaponic system maintenance, working to sort out seed importation and the realizing that it is all a bigger job than expected, we have had more than usual produce at  home. Which always inspires kitchen activities, whipping together some edible and otherwise inedible disasters in the kitchen.

Now I am not very versed in the creation of master dishes leaving the kitchen. Most times I can get by making breakfast, light lunch/ dinner, salads, punches and juices and a whole lot of eating out.

Bhaji or Amaranth / Callaloo leaves

Bhaji or Amaranth / Callaloo leaves


Cooking is rarely done at home. In fact, the Kitchen is seldom used for this purpose… Honestly I believe everyone can cook,  but the difference is in the outcome.

I am finding that now while we are not planting as was planned, there is more frequent use of the space, rummaging the internet trying to find recipes that we love to work with what is on hand from the market and harvested. Mostly a very disastrous and depressing exercise, following instructions in a recipe, I am not entirely happy with, is not something I do well.

Finally today I have decided that help is needed…so off to some good ole schooling to improve on cooking… the goal is for fewer cases of disasters and more moments of preparing and enjoying yummy, edible meals.

IMG_1438 IMG_1439 IMG_1443 IMG_1449 IMG_1451 IMG_1445

To satisfy the gardening nerd in me…I have am trying to plant a small soil based kitchen garden or food jungle as a friend calls it. I would try to cook as we grow to make this a little fun as I prefer garden adventures that kitchen ones any day.

So easing right into it from today… because I am required to document, picture take (not a problem there, love this part) and learn to develop recipes that works for the lifestyle we live… brace your self for more plant based cooking or experimentation and more kitchen adventures as we figure our next move out.

Above pictures are of the prep for a staple breakfast on a weekend once I am at home, below are the final pictures… a typical fruit and egg breakfast… We pick what we can from the garden… everything else is sourced as responsibly as is practically possible.

IMG_1464 IMG_1462 IMG_1461 IMG_1460

For my assignment, I have to select one picture showing prep of a go to dish, the making of the dish and the final meal…

Hope I can share something useful or two on this cooking and kitchen garden journey.





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