Growing Now | Local Artisan Greens Mixed Salads

While we must admit salad greens go a little beyond a lettuce salad for us as we love adding pretty much any thing green, tender and leafy in there, but we do know the importance of a typical and traditional salad to many. We have kept this in mind as we select our lettuce varieties for our Local Artisan Greens Mixed Salad Pack.

20140813-141525.jpg 20140813-141505.jpg

Every time we pack a hand selected mix of a variety of these greens, purples and bronzes for the Local Artisan Greens Family of people who love locally produced goodness, we do it with love and a little excitement.

With our Mixed Salad Packs you have freedom to make crazy beautiful and light accompaniments to supplement your daily green intake.

We always eat our ugly produce, because we know beauty is only skin deep… In keeping with the French brilliance of Intermarché, we are opening this luxury up to you.

If you are local, conscious and understand growing like us, feel free to ask us about our Local Artisan Ugly Greens…we are not averse to packing and sharing our ugly (disfigured, hole ridden, deformed) Local Artisan Greens with you, you can find them in one of our specially discounted packets… do know they were packing in there with our love.



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