Herbs | Drying and Packing flavourful and aromatic herbs

Local Artisan Greens is drying herbs, we harvested broad leaf thyme, mint, parsley, chives washed and cleaned and dried these bad boys up.

20140606-174954.jpg 20140606-174948.jpg 20140606-174959.jpg 20140606-175004.jpg 20140606-175010.jpg 20140606-174942.jpg 20140606-175459.jpg

We took some of these dried herds to our last meet and greet at local farmers market…they are pretty, decorative and aromatic and we hoped to bring a smile to those that see and get a whiff of them.

We know that most of our Local Artisan Greens prefer herbs fresh, we do too… however we are not opposed to drying them nor are we opposed to sharing our ugly(disfigured, hole ridden, deformed) Local Artisan Greens with you. These ugly herbs are best dried especially when there is a surplus of them fresh.


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